Approach Phase – Another Blog has Arrived

Ashita avatarAs I close in on the two-year anniversary of Ashita no Anime, I’ve decided to split up my content for the sake of keeping things organized into specific audiences who may not appreciate how I’ve just been dumping all of my interests into a single blog.  Ashita no Anime should be about anime and while the games I’ll be covering here are anime-inspired, that’s not really the same thing (in Ghostbusters terms, I want to avoid crossing the streams).

As you may have guessed, I’m a prolific card gamer here in Japan and I’m currently playing four different games—Weiss Schwarz, CHAOS, Victory Spark and Precious Memories.  The focus of Approach Phase will be Precious Memories, but now that I have a home for talking trading cards in general, I think I’m going to finally start expanding on some other, related projects that I think you’re all going to enjoy.

The process of moving content from Ashita no Anime to this new blog is still a work in progress (a lot of links are still empty) so keep checking back over the course of the week and be sure to update your links so you don’t miss out on any new information.  Also be sure to follow my new Twitter feed specifically for TCGs, @approachphase.

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