Card of the Day

Madoka Magica Movie
Precious Memories - Madoka Movie - Sayaka Miki Sayaka Miki (03-066)

Cost: 2 Source: 2 AP: 30 DP: 20

If you have 3 or more other characters with the same type as this card, this card gets +20/+20.

During this card’s approach, if one of your opponent’s characters is put into his or her discard pile, ready 2 of your <Kimono> characters at end of turn.

Type(s): Kimono

Thoughts and comments
I’m not really interested in what new deck strategies the Madoka Movie set is going to offer. I’d much rather see what cards I can use to make my current decks stronger. That being said, I really hope that there’s more Kimono type characters in this set than just the five main girls so that powerful cards like this get a chance to shine. (Translator’s note: I changed the wording of this card’s ability in English to make it easier to grok.)

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