Card of the Day

Madoka Magica Movie
Precious Memories - Madoka Movie - Kyuubey Kyuubey (03-049)

Cost: 0 Source: 2

[Approach/Own]: ❶ Return a character from your discard pile to your hand if it shares a name with one of your 『Magic Girl Madoka Magica』 title characters that dealt damage to your opponent this turn.

Type(s): Incubator

Thoughts and comments
Unless there’s a new character in this set that provides more than 2 source, this isn’t going to be terribly useful except for getting back characters with strong appear abilities, for which Madoka has precious few or the Mami that can be played during your opponent’s approach as a blocker. If this ability had cost 0, it still would not be overpowered in a set as weak as Madoka. Perhaps I could play this in my Sayaka deck to recover some Active characters, but without more draw effects to actually get enough unwanted cards in my hand to pay for this ability, I cannot see this helping to make Madoka any better.

3 responses to “Card of the Day

  1. Marlin-sama June 6, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    I’m experimenting with a new formatting style. I want to know, is the Unicode black (1) showing up ok for everyone?

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