PreMemo Card of the Day

Madoka Magica Movie
Precious Memories - Madoka Magica - Kyouko Sakura Kyouko Sakura (03-017)

Cost: 4 Source: 2 AP: 40 DP: 30

[Approach/Own]: {0}, discard 1 character named 「Kyouko Sakura」 or 1 <Kimono> type character. Ready 1 of your characters. That character can approach an additional time this turn.

Type(s): Kimono

Thoughts and comments
Another Madoka card that lets you approach more than one time with the same character during the same turn. This one will be a great fit in either my Kyouko deck or my mixed Kimono deck. The first week of previews was quite disappointing, but now we’re really starting to see some powerhouses that are going to revive Madoka from the dustbin.

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