PreMemo Card of the Day

Madoka Magica Movie
Mami Tomoe 03-081 Mami Tomoe (03-081)

Cost: 2 Source: 2 AP: 20 DP: 30

If you have 4 or more characters with the same type as this card, this card gets +20/+20.

When one of your <Kimono> type characters approaches, it gets +10/+10 until end of turn.

Type(s): Kimono

Thoughts and comments
Lots of offbeat non-canon types being previewed in this week’s card of the day. There’s only five kimono type characters in Madoka and no cards that support a kimono deck, so I can’t see this being played in single format and I don’t know if there’s enough to even sufficiently enable a two-mix deck. Probably see these cards getting splashed in mix format because pretty much all of Madoka‘s kimono cards are strong.

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