PreMemo Card of the Day

Mahoutsukai no Yoru
Touko Aozaki 01-092 Touko Aozaki (01-092)

Cost: 3 Source: 2 AP: 40 DP: 30

When this character approaches and deals damage to your opponent, you may return 1 of your opponent’s characters to his or her hand.

When 1 of your characters named 「Touko Aozaki」 approaches and puts one of your opponent’s characters into his or her discard pile from the play area, is card can’t be put into your discard pile from the play area this turn.

Type(s): Sorcerer

Thoughts and comments
What’s with all the bounce effects in Mahoutsukai no Yoru? Usually bounce effects get limited to resting characters so this seems a little too strong to me. This card’s second ability can be applied to itself, so I’m not sure why it’s worded so awkwardly. It would be far more problematic if this card had evasion, but I guess as long as I can keep throwing bodies in its way I can control which characters I’m losing. =P

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