PreMemo Card of the Day

Mahoutsukai no Yoru
Alice Kuonji 01-044 Alice Kuonji (01-044)

Cost: 4 Source: 1 AP: 30 DP: 50

When this card approaches or blocks, all of your characters named 「Alice Kuonji」 get +20/±0 until end of turn.

When this card approaches and damages your opponent, ready all of your characters named 「Alice Kuonji」 at end of turn.

Type(s): Sorcerer / Young Lady

Thoughts and comments
This is going to be a dangerous card. I have a Miku card with a similar ability in one of my decks and I sometimes use it to great effect to punch through some really big defenses.

One response to “PreMemo Card of the Day

  1. etherlite7 July 17, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Oh yes! This is the card I’ve been waiting for the defensive-minded Alice deck! AP boost!

    Combine this with 01-104 to keep her alive AND ready her for blocking next turn, while having 061 {30/30 + 2x(+10/+10) +20/0} & 029 (40/40 +20/+20 +20/0) to attack with high AP/DP plus ready for blocking. 3 big cards attacks and ready for blocking with the same power.

    While Alice doesn’t seem to have as much annoying effects like Aoko, this is without doubt a strong build. Can’t wait for the full card list the day after tomorrow.

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