PreMemo Card of the Day

Hatsune Miku Part 2
Kagamine Rin 02-031 Kagamine Rin (02-031)

Cost: 2 Source: 1 AP: 30 DP: 20

When this card appears on the play area or when your opponent deals damage to you and this card is put from the top of your deck into your point pile, choose 1 of your characters. That character can’t retreat this turn. Ready that character at end of turn.

Type(s): School Uniform

Thoughts and comments
Miku and Rin/Ren don’t need more strong cards like this. Personally, I’d like to see some competitive cards for Luka. But a part of me wonders if people will play many copies of this card since it only provides 1 source.

One response to “PreMemo Card of the Day

  1. etherlite7 July 30, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    They would. Rin-Len doesn’t need lots of sources, every time they hit, they can draw 1 card (TD Rin). What they need is high intensity pressure with actives & can’t die like this

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