PreMemo Card of the Day

Hatsune Miku Part 2
Akita Neru 02-055 Akita Neru (02-055)

Cost: 0 Source: 2 AP: 0 DP: 0

[Main/Both]: {0} Choose 1 of your opponent’s character’s types. Give 1 of your characters that type until end of turn.

[Main/Opponent]: {REST} Discard 1 card. Then draw 1 card.

Type(s): Music

Thoughts and comments
So they’re finally making cards for some of the less popular Vocaloids. Interesting… Other than that, I can’t believe this is a rare. The only deck of I know that this will be helpful against is the Kimono deck and there’s better ways of countering Kimono cards that are more flexible than this.

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