PreMemo Cards of the Day

After a little break while I traveled, I’m back to translating.

Hatsune Miku Part 2
Yowane Haku 02-100 Yowane Haku (02-100)

Cost: 0 Source: 1

All of your opponent’s characters get -10/-10 as long as this card is ready.

When another character appears or retreats, rest this card.

Type(s): Headphones / Music

Thoughts and comments
And here’s Haku… Actually a pretty lousy card. That’s all I have to say sadly.
Megurine Luka & Hatsune Miku 02-024 Megurine Luka & Hatsune Miku (02-024)

Cost: 3 Source: 1 AP: 40 DP: 20

When this card approaches or blocks, take 1 『Hatsune Miku』 title card from your point pile and put it into your hand. If you do, put 1 card from your hand into your point pile face up. Then all players put the top 3 cards of their decks into their discard piles.

Type(s): Headphones / Music

Thoughts and comments
I’m not sure why the ability has to put card from the top of players’ decks into discard piles… It doesn’t make this card any stronger…or weaker really… just annoying. But if there’s a Luka & Miku combo, then there’s hope for my own much desired Miku & Rin combo.
Meiko 02-076 Meiko (02-076)

Cost: 2 Source: 2

When you use this card as source to play a card named 「Meiko」 it provides +1 source.

[Main/Own]: {REST} Give 1 of your characters named 「Meiko」 +20/+20 until end of turn.

Type(s): Music

Thoughts and comments
Ok here’s a great Meiko support card. Now all Meiko needs are some strong cards to help her go on the offense.

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