PreMemo Card of the Day

Hatsune Miku Part 2
Megurine Luka 02-097 Megurine Luka (02-097)

Cost: 2 Source: 2 AP: 30 DP: 30

While this card is in your hand, its cost is -1 for each of your <Swimsuit> type characters on the play area.

When this card appears or when your opponent approaches, damages you and causes this card to be put from the top of your deck into your point pile, give 1 of your characters +20/+20 until end of turn. You may ready that character.

Type(s): Swimsuit

Thoughts and comments
In a way this card’s first ability makes it very similar to Subaru (01-041) from Mayo Chiki. But its second ability makes it so much better.

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